They’re dropping gas

So now they’re dropping gas on kids.

How do we put up with this?

Turn your back just look away?

Can’t think of such a thing today?

People dead from Sarin gas

Civilians helpless; air attacks

Suffocating, can not breath,

Convulsion and paralysis

How can we put up with this?

Beyond belief it’s such a mess

Dropping bombs on women, kids.

So much for the Arab Spring

Hopes of better things back then.

Must we deal with this today?

It’s got so bad what can we say?

Who’s fighting who, what for and why?

Why must all these children die?

Russian or a Syrian bomb?

Terrorist arsenal ? We don’t know.

Who dropped the bomb, what for or why?

All we know is children die.

The powers pile in, it’s such a mess

Why must children die like this?

We scarcely know who’s on what side.

Why must all those children die?

Who builds the bombs? What do they cost?

The cost we see is human lives.

What’s it about? How will it end?

It has to end that’s all I know!

How can we put up with this?

They’re dropping gas on women, kids.