Weather House Romance


You are summer sunshine
Warm and smiling
I am the wind and rain
You come out
The clouds disappear
I go back in again.

Oh is there no room
In our little house
For you and me together
For when I am out
You are in
We’re never in together.

I steal a kiss as you swing past
Out of the winter’s rain
I cherish the moments
But they never last
Oh when will we meet again?

Oh won’t you share
My little house
Lend your warmth to me?
For there’s room enough
By my house’s hearth
For you my love and me.

The photograph above was taken by Dnalor_01 and released under the license(s). Source (Wikimedia Commons) and the license (CC-BY-SA 3.0) close to the image.

One I ‘prepared earlier’ but sits with Eugie’s weekly challenge ‘Cherish’.

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Smitten – A poem for my valentine

It happened when our eyes first met
Not sure I understand it yet
Your face once seen I can’t forget
Been bitten.

I loved you before I knew your name
How could I know you’d feel the same?
This thing’s too real it’s not a game.
So sudden.

This thing we have can not be fought
I’m in your net I’m truly caught
You fill my every waking thought
I’m smitten.

You simply touch me and I melt
The strangest thing I ever felt;
I can’t believe the hand love dealt