Notable Exception

He’s a notable exception

The one who proves the rule

Brighter than the rest of us

He didn’t suffer fools.


Extraordinary, gifted,

He really made his mark.

He’d not so much communicate

As issue orders, bark.


A notable exception

His brain set him apart

But he alienated all of us

Which wasn’t quite so smart.


Notable, exceptional

But really in the end

The thing that really marked him out;

His total lack of friends.



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Chai Wallah on the train


Photo by Resham Gellaty

This is my tale of a chai wallah 

Met on an Indian train

If you’ve heard it before forgive me for

You are going to hear it again.


We are travelling on an Indian train

The only non Indians there.

A chai wallah’s moving down the train

And I guess you know the score.


He’s calling out to sell his wares

So this is what we heard, 

“Chai, chai, chai, chai.”

Moving down the train.


“Chai, chai, chai, chai.”

Closer all the time.

“Chai, chai, chai, chai”,

Until he got to me.


Without the slightest hint of pause

Or any break in rhythm

He changed his call 

As he went by me

And this is what we heard.


“Chai, chai, chai, chai,

Chai, chai, Tea, chai, chai”.

He changed his call from chai to tea

Just as he went by me.


Two nations tied together

By so much history

I hope we share our humour

And it’s funny to him

As to me.

Inchoate Poem

You’ve caught me out. I’m slightly shocked.
You’ve kind of caught me on the hop.
The ink’s not dry, it’s still quite wet.
I haven’t wrote a poem yet…

It kind of starts a bit like this
But what comes next you’ll have to guess.
Don’t pressure me or make me sweat.
I haven’t wrote a poem yet.

I’ll write one soon, if you can wait
but hurry me up; it won’t be great.
Peeking now is just not fair
Half an idea, it’s not quite there!

Not quite there. It’s such a pity
Still born, half formed, inchoate ditty.

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