Aunt Rene 100



My auntie’s nearly a hundred

That’s really a ripe old age.

Last of her generation

Though once she was one of eight.


There was Dora, Gilbert and Vera

And Alex who was always called Bill

There was Elsie and William, known as Will

Rene and little Sylv.


The girls stayed close to Granny

Elsie, Rene and Sylv

They kept the family together

When sadly our granny had gone.


They worked for a while in a wool shop

Giggly sisters three.

We travelled around but they’d always be there

Core of the family.


Rene was bright as a button

Direct and sometimes could seem sharp.

But it was just her way

We’d catch the smile.


Her husband Fred went before her

Collecting fares somewhere else now.

Sadly her dear son Tony

Didn’t survive his mother either.


So last of her generation

A hundred year old aunt Rene

A modest enough little party

But for us she’s the queen of the Greens.