Lamb National



Big event at Ascot;

The Queen is sure to go.

We’re tired of watching horses

Give the lambs a go!


They’re full of spring time frolics

Will easy take the jumps.

Watching lambs in spring time

You can’t be in the dumps.


We love to see them gambol

Great to watch I bet.

Put your woolly jumper

On the one you think is best.


Don’t let bookies fleece you

The odds are not the best.

There must be honest bookies

But I’ve not met one yet.


Lambs frolic round the meadow

By way of Beechers Brook.

‘Mint Sauce leading Gravy,

Mutton coming through’.


Not sure who you bet on

But I bet on the ewe.

Thought I’d backed a winner

But I never do.


You flock around the winner

Ram it down my throat

Glad you backed the winner

Do you have to gloat?


I lost all my money

Really gets my goat!

Seems I went for mutton

That was dressed as lamb.