Little Jack Horner stared in a mirror

admiring his puffy white skin.

He stuck up his thumb

and was proud as they come

that the white pallid likeness

was him.

Now the thing about skin

is it’s a very good thing

for keeping our insides tucked in

but the colour and hue

is not down to you.

You pretty much get

what you’re given.

It’s pretty good stuff

for feeling and touch

and helps keep our bodies

real cool.

It does all that stuff

quite well enough

but what it is not

is really that hot

for deciding

who gets the best job.

A good enough reason

it’s certainly not

for someone to kneel

on your neck

so unable to breath

you’ll soon be stone dead

and all cos

your skin colour’s black.

Your skin’s really not

a license to kill

or even assume you’re

the boss.

So get used to seeing

whatever their colour

that others are really like us.

The years of oppression

enslaved, a possession

are really not

how it should be.

It has to change soon

which could take

some doing

but let’s start with you

and with me.