I intended to write

but‘ve forgotten

what I intended to say.

It can’t have been important.

I hope not anyway.

It was probably something I’d seen

or maybe read

but it’s gone right out my head.

Sometimes that just happens

or seems to anyway.

I could have got distracted

been thinking of something else.

Maybe it will come to me.

Just talk among yourselves.

No! I’ve clear forgot it

Nothing comes to mind

Shuffle about

and clear my throat

write something else instead.

A response to the Word of the Day Challenge – ‘Forgotten’



Who put the fog in forgetful

Who put the blank in my mind?

Thoughts that were in there one time

Are so much harder to find.


Who tied the knot in my hankie?

What was it there to remind?

Something I can’t remember

Need help with jogging my mind.


Somehow it slipped my memory

Was painfully pushed to one side

Some things are better forgotten

There’s times I can’t bring to mind.


My mind is gently slipping

And taking sad memories away

Somewhere and somehow you’re in there

But you’re gone and there’s nothing to say.