The Royal Flag


There’s a flag over Windsor Castle
To show if the Queen’s in or out.
The Union Jack flies if she’s not in
Her very own flag if she is.

It’s hard for the common people
To know how hard royal life can be
For to haul up a flag
When you go out or come in
Is really an an awful drag.

Imagine the situation
If the Royals go out
For the day, but see,
Out their car’s rear window,
That the flag is still flapping away.

“Bloody hell” says the Queen to Phillip,
“We’ll have to turn right round.
We can’t let them think we’re in when we’re out
You’ll have to get the damn thing down.”

So they have to go back and sort out the flag
You can see what a drag that must be
If they’re out for the day
But the flag’s up its pole for everyone to see.


For SouldierGirl and everyone who has known the grief of losing a child.

My grief first borne was like

A wound fresh made that bled

And nought could stem its  flow.

But as it healed

I’d pick the scab

And want to see it red.

I feared that if it healed you see

I’d have to let you go.


The wound I bore

Has hardened now

I wear it as a scar

I run my fingers down its length

And know an inner strength.

Lost Hour

I lost an hour of my life today.
Why does it have to be that way?
I’ve never ever got the plot.
Something to do with northern Scots.
So farmers in far northern parts
Needn’t milk cows while it’s still dark.
My body clock gets over ruled
For Scottish farmers, Scottish schools.
Leave our local time alone.
It’s bad enough when you cross a line.

So thanks to scots on certain dates
We oversleep or get up late.
Maybe if they get home rule
We needn’t change the clocks at all.
It doesn’t seem quite right to me
It could be solved more easily.
Why not leave the clock alone
And milk your cows a different time?

No daffodils

I never see a daffodil
Or anything as wonderful.
I’m stuck inside a metal box
And all I really see is lots
Of traffic; other passing cars
Same tarmac road for miles and miles.

We cut the country we pass through
Our passage like a gaping wound
And yet the road has brought me here
To gaze upon those rolling hills.
And is there poetry to catch
When stuck within a metal box?

So much for all the nature Poets
I can’t be one and don’t I know it!
Stuck here instead on tarmac road
That stretches on for miles and miles
Frustrations of a modern life
Instead of golden daffodils.

And yet the road has brought me here
To see in passing what I’ve lost
And gaze in passing through a screen
At nature as she might have been.
I gaze upon the rolling hills
Yet leave a scar where I have been.

This is for Allah

“This is for Allah.” Slash your throat.
We mow you down, we thrust, we gloat,
Condemn your brazen western ways,
Condemn your carefree summer days.

We bomb, we maim, we kill small girls
For so God’s purpose is unfurled.
We’ve no time for a God of peace
We’ll wipe you out like some disease.

Our minds are closed, we’re full of hate
We wound and kill for God is great.
We show no pity; slash and slay.
Compassion, mercy what are they?

Don’t speak to us of peace and love
We’ve clear instructions from above
Seems God who did our world create,
Now wants it filled with mindless hate.


Costing the earth

Jack and Jill went up the hill
To fetch some bottled water
Drank it through a plastic straw
Cost more than it oughta.

They drank it up and home did trot
As fast as they could caper
Why must water cost the earth?
It gets me in a vapour.

All the plastic that we use
Has to go to landfill
Or means a fish, perhaps a bird
Will suffer fate quite dreadful.

Water,water everywhere
Why the need for plastic?
Forget Jack’s pail just turn a tap
Doesn’t sound too drastic.

Jack came tumbling down the hill
Jill came tumbling after
Drinking bottled water still?
Doesn’t get much dafter.

Wise words

Wise Words may come
From the mouth of a fool
It’s not what you say
It’s the things that
You do.

You can quote self help gurus
Till you’re blue in the face
But if you sit on your hands
You will stay the same place.

At the end of the day
You must step out in faith
You can’t walk on water
If you’re still in the boat.



Taking control

CEE0503C-94FF-4DC8-8817-400E0810329CThere are people who make things happen
And people things happen to
If you don’t take control of what happens
Then things will happen to you.

If you don’t want to be life’s victim
And just let life happen to you
You have to make some choices
And make things happen for you.

If you don’t take charge of what happens
Then good things won’t happen for you.
If you don’t take control of your life
Then other people will.

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