Margaret’s Name

There are a few things I didn’t bring out in the verse biography that you might find interesting. Aside from being born out of wedlock, a circumstance viewed far more harshly then than it would be now, Margaret was born on Friday 13th.

This is viewed as an inauspicious birthday for it’s associations with Good Friday and Jesus crucifixion and the number of people present at the last supper. Margaret’s family were somewhat superstitious so something was needed to offset the perceived bad luck.

The story is they needed two more unlucky things to off-set the ill fortune associated with Friday 13th. Three I guess is associated with the Holy Trinity. Anyway, Margaret’s name was chosen because ‘M’ was the thirteenth letter of the alphabet and with her surname being Smith her name would have thirteen letters. She wasn’t given a middle name because that would have spoiled things.

Fortunately, by marrying a Green, she kept her name at thirteen letters. Whether they were successful in warding off ill fortune you can judge if you read Margaret’s Story.


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