Revision Nightmare

pexels-photo-313690.jpegI wake from sleep in quite a sweat.

How, how on earth could I forget?

I’ve not done my revision yet.

I’m panicking!


There’s clearly such a lot to do.

Strict revision’s overdue.

What if I fail and don’t get through!

Must begin!


I feel the pounding of my heart.

I wake with such a dreadful start.

For all my plans will fall apart!

Start studying!


But now I shake myself awake.

“You’re thirty two for goodness sake!

There’s no exam you have to take”.

You’re panicking?


And this went on for several years.

Waking from sleep with these same fears.

Convinced it would all end in tears.



So those of you who’re studying now.

Bent over books with furrowed brow,

With so much work through which to plough.

Good studying!