20,000 reads on Wattpad for this…… think it’s one of my best.

Andrew Green's Poems


I called my name it echoed back

It sounded down the lonely track.

I made the journey all alone

To find a voice that I could own.

Who would hear my anguished call?

Was anyone there who’d hear at all?

How could I give my feelings voice

Strike perfect chord, make perfect choice?

Plaintive cry of abandoned child?

Abrasive, angry or quieter mild?

Serious, thoughtful, say what’s meant?

Or play for laughs and merriment?

Take moral high ground lecture, preach

Or tone it down yet quietly teach?

Forget all rules, be sloppy cheat

Or be meticulous and neat?

Roar of a lion or grunt of bear?

Scare you stiff and prick up your hair.

Or gentler, quieter rhythm keep

Ethereal, light but the meaning deep?

I called my name it echoed back

It sounded down the lonely track

I heard my name, it took some time

But now the voice…

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