Gail’s Mom’s Day Poem

A big thank you to my Wattpad friend Gail Runshke for her Mothers Day Poem.

Dear Andrew,

In response to your request to send
you our best Mother’s Day poems to publish in your blog,
I am sending you this special poem that, unfortunately, I did not
quite finish revising/editing in time to publish last year. However ,
I am honoring you by permitting you to publish it on my behalf.
This will explain why it does not appear on my profile. I do intend to
include it in my profile just prior to Canadian Mother’s Day for this
2018 year.


My son phoned earlier today
To wish me a Happy Mother’s Day
Since he lives so very far away
And cannot visit during May.*

Would he say what I hoped to hear?
Or would I have to wait until next year?
My heart pounded with uncertainty, with fear.
From my cheek I dabbed a tear.

I recalled my first Mother’s Day
When I closely observed his play.
It really was such a special day
Watching him in his crib where he lay.

I wondered if he would ever say
The words I wanted to hear today:
“Mother, I love you,”
Even though I know it’s true.

I’m sure he does in his own way
But doesn’t bring himself to say.
However, instead, what he said was:
“Mother, I phoned you simply because

Tomorrow it will be Mother’s Day.”
I almost blurted out, “You don’t say.”

Gail Runschke, May 13, 2017

A/N I dedicate this poem to all sons of loving mothers.
Please, oh please, tell them the words they want to hear:
*Mother’s Day in Canada is the second Sunday in May.


5 thoughts on “Gail’s Mom’s Day Poem

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